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Fidelity National Title Group
Brings you the National Title Information Web Site
Title Agent Information Sheet
NTI Web provides state-by-state title insurance information including, but not limited to, Document Execution Requirements; Laws and Customs; Fee Splits; Transfer and Mortgage Tax Requirements; and much more.
With NTI Web you can filter data by selecting only the states you need, search multiple states and topics simultaneously, and save your searches for future reference in your own online portfolio.
NTI Webalso includes The Real Estate Recording Guide™ providing the correct recording office and calculated fees and taxes across the U.S. for Deeds, Mortgages, Refis, Assignments, Releases/Satisfactions, and much more including Index Fees, where applicable. The Guide also lets you save your calculations for future reference.
If you already have an NTI Web account, please login to access all the great information on NTI Web. If you have forgotten your login, try the Forgot Password feature on NTI Web or email the Help Desk at
If you would like to apply for an NTI Web account, please visit and click New User (top right corner of page). Register as a title agent, read/accept the Disclaimers/Terms of Use, and complete the online registration form. When asked, please provide the name of your FNTG Agency Rep. Your Agency Rep will process your request for access to NTI Web.
Important! Please keep your NTI Web login private. Each individual must register for his/her own account. We do not allow multi-user, group, or companywide accounts. The sharing of logins is strictly prohibited as outlined in our Terms of Use. In addition, more than one individual using the same login will experience technical difficulties. If we determine that a login has been shared, the account will be deactivated. 
If you need assistance registering for or using NTI Web, please contact the Help Desk at
In order to provide you the best possible service please use
the link below to find the proper contact for your specific region.
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