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Corporate Underwriting

FNTG Underwriting Structure

The underwriting departments servicing our agency networks are tailored to the geographical subdivisions within those networks, but can be generally described as follows:

The Agent would start by discussing the issue with Rep or Agency Counsel assigned to support that area, state or region. Agency counsel or underwriters may also be the State Counsel for that state (the state in which the Land is located), if not; the agency underwriter would discuss the issue, if necessary, with the State Counsel for that state. If more input or approval is needed, the State Counsel has access to the Regional Counsels for the Company. At the present we have 21 Regional Counsels to cover our domestic and international business. Our Regional Counsels are normally responsible for a geographical area of 2 or more states. If the issue is one that the Regional wants or needs to discuss a higher level, the Senior Underwriting Staff is available to support those underwriting analyses. Our Senior Staff is located in various offices around the country, and they report to the Chief Underwriting Counsel in Jacksonville. The Office of the Chief Underwriting Counsel is part of the Legal Department for Fidelity National Title Group, Inc.

It is important to get your rep or agency underwriter involved as soon as you have an issue. They are the proper parties to access the tremendous pool of talent that is the FNTG underwriting staff. They will know the local issues and law that may impact the request for a unique coverage or large policy. They certainly can be your advocate in getting the question answered or the deal done!

In order to provide you the best possible service please use
the link below to find the proper contact for your specific region.
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