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Corporate Claims

Overview of Claims Department and Claims Procedures for National Agency Website

The Claims Department for the Fidelity National Title Group family of companies is the largest segment of the legal Department and is staffed with over 350 employees. The Claims Department is comprised of three main divisions, which are:
  • Jacksonville Claims Center (manages claims in the eastern half of the U.S.)
  • Omaha Claims Center (manages claims in the western half of the U.S.)
  • Major Claims (locations in Jacksonville, New York/New Jersey, Irvine and Omaha)
New claims are directed to the Jacksonville home office and then assigned to one of the three divisions referenced above. A claim can be submitted by any one of the following channels:

Mail:   Fidelity National Title Group
    Attn: New Claims
    PO Box 45023
    Jacksonville, FL 32232
Fax:   904.357.1346

When a new claim is received a notification of receipt is sent to the claimant and the claim is assigned to a claims administrator. As part of the investigation of a new claim, the claims administrator will request the relevant documents and information necessary to make a thorough coverage determination. The agent is generally the most familiar with the transaction, so it is very likely that the agent will be contated by email or phone as part of the initial investigation of the claim and a complete copy of the title and/or escrow file will be requested at that time.

A title policy is a unique form of indemnity in that it provides us with several options to resolve a title defect once coverage is determined to exist. Those options may include, but are not limited to removing the defect, retaining an attorney to defend the claimant, or pay the dimunition-in-value caused by the defect.

It is crucial that a claim is submitted to the Company as soon as possible. An agent should never attempt to resolve a claim unilaterally.

In order to provide you the best possible service please use
the link below to find the proper contact for your specific region.
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