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Corporate Agency Accounting

1431 Opus Place, Suite 635 Downers Grove, IL 60515

Mary Ellen Kulig
Vice President, Fidelity National Title Group, Inc. – Agency Accounting

Mary Ellen has managed the Agency Accounting group since 2001, shortly after the merger between Fidelity National Title and Chicago Title. Prior to her current position, she assisted in the conversion of the Chicago Title general ledger to Fidelity’s corporate general ledger.

Mary Ellen started her career with Chicago Title in 1978, holding a variety of Corporate positions including Assistant Controller and Director of Field Accounting Operations. Since holding her current position, she has overseen the agency accounting conversion for all subsequent acquisitions including Ticor Title of Florida, formerly American Pioneer as well as Commonwealth Land Title and Lawyers Title. Most recently she has been engaged in the design of the new agency accounting system and automated process to report policy information by our agents.
Mary Ellen received her B.A. in Accounting from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

The Agency Accounting Team
First Row:
Adorito Balverde Mailroom/CTIC Batch Coordinator 9 years
Michele Janisch FNT Cash Analyst 14 years
Joel DePaz FNT/CLTIC Manager 16 years
Debbie Kish CTIC Cash Analyst 10 years
Jacob Murphy FNT/CLTIC Supervisor 13 years

Second Row:
Tracy Mitchell CTIC Regional Coordinator 11 years
Michele Neal FNT/CLTIC Accounting Processor 8 years
Karen Bazelewski FNT/CLTIC Accounting Processor 8 years
Janine Kolodnicki Hurc CTIC Regional Coordinator 7 years
Lorelei Austria CTIC Supervisor 11 years
Shoma Krishna CTIC Regional Coordinator 3 years
Pam Monahan CTIC AVP, Manager 40 years
Mary Ellen Kulig FNTG VP, Agency Accounting Manager 36 years

Third Row:
Ron Vykruta FNT/CLTIC Policy Verification 8 years
Jon Stenzel FNT/CLTIC Accounting Coordinator 1 month
Andrew Hokinson FNT/CLTIC Accounting Coordinator 1 month
Tina Bennett FNTG Agency Accounting HR Admin/Commission Approval 7 years
Matt McDonald FNT/CLTIC Accounting Coordinator 3 years
Rob Davenport FNT/CLTIC UBE/Accounting Coordinator 3 years

Back Row:
Gordon Dutra CLTIC Cash Analyst 15 years
Matt Simms CTIC Regional Coordinator 1 month
Alex Velez FNT/CLTIC Batch Coordinator/Policy Verifier 3 years
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